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The Founding of Our Church

Our church started with the prayers and efforts of few Coptic families, about thirty families who lived in Long Island in the early seventies. In 1975, few people approached His Holiness Pope Shenouda III with a request to establish a Coptic Orthodox Center and build a church in L.I., NY. Back then, the late, Fr. Ghobrial Abd El Sayed, of St. Mark Church, Jersey City supported their idea, and in his visit to Cairo in April, 1976, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III handed him a letter of blessing to the congregation in L.I, expressing in it that he is pleased with their idea of building St. Mark Coptic Church Center that will include a church, social hall, sports hall, library, cultural center, service projects for the senior citizen and the children and any other service projects. In this letter, His Holiness encouraged the congregation to proceed with this project.

churchOn June 10, 1976, the day of St. Abraam’s feast, Fr. Ghobrial prayed the first mass at the church site. A generous member, one of the original founders of the church on Long Island had donated 4 acres of land for this project. And, in December, 1976 Fr. Ghobrial invited the founding members and composed the first board for St. Abraam Church in L.I.

On April 16, 1977, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, in his historical first visit to the USA, he laid the corner stone for St. Mark Coptic Center and St. Abraam church in L.I., N.Y.

And, in September 1977, the congregation held the first Egyptian Fair at the church site to raise funds for building the church.

Back then, the congregation used the Methodist church on Woodbury Rd., once a month, to hold mass services.

Then, they bought a long trailer that holds 25 to 30 people were Fr. Ghobrial was praying the mass every two weeks on Saturdays. When the number of families increased to sixty or seventy families, the congregation rented the basement of St. Ignatius Catholic church in Hicksville, L.I. to hold mass services every week.

Later on, mass services were held in St. Mary Ukrainian church in Hicksville. In the mean time the congregation worked on building our beautiful church. The church was built in 1990 and, on January 12, 1992, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III consecrated Saint Abraam Church of Woodbury, Long Island, NY.


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